Food Station by a Trash Panda

If you want to eat healthily, read a book. Now that we made our beer pairing suggestion, we are going to explore what we are eating too much of after rides that we shouldn’t be but we’re not going to stop because it makes us happy. Did you get all that? 

Today we are going to talk about our latest love affair: Green apples with peanut butter.

For one reason or another, our mom never made these for us growing up. We will bring this up in our next therapy appointment, believe that. But for now, we generally take a large green apple (110 calories approximately) and cut slices off* and then slather them with peanut butter.

Don’t you dare step in here with your, “Is that peanut butter free-range, organic, bilingual, Montessori?” Get the most mass-produced, hopped-up-on-sugar, peanut butter you can find. We settled on a nice tub of creamy, salmonella-free spread that comes in around 85 calories per tablespoon. With as much peanut butter as we smear on the apple slices, it comes out to about 850 calories in peanut butter and another 110 in apple for a grand total of A LOT. But hey, we just rode a lot, and don’t need the judgment as much as we need sugar. Back off. Find happiness where you can. Ride a bike. Eat what you want. What's YOUR go-to, post-ride snack?

*Note: this does not affect the nutritional value, but playing with knives is fun but please do so responsibly because our lawyer told us to say that.

(Photo by Drahomír Posteby-Mach on Unsplash)

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