Lessons Learned: 1% Better Every Day

Small Goals Lead to Big Gains

If you are thinking about signing up for your first (or 50th) Gran Fondo, here is an immensely useful tip: Set a goal to get 1% better every day.

As we write this on March 6, June 11th (Saint Francis Tulsa Tough’s first Gran Fondo) is exactly 97 days away. Let's face it. You're a grown up (mostly...probably). You can make a resolution any day of the year. Why not today? 

If you dedicate yourself to getting better 1% every day. You will be 97% better by the time your Gran Fondo arrives. We don’t promise it will be easy. But it will be worth it.

You will love the you that you meet on the other side of your Fondo. That we can promise.

Riding with friends makes you more accountable and makes those long days in the saddle more tolerable. Watching shows while you ride the trainer makes that time go by a little faster.

However you start your journey, don’t focus on where you will be in June. Just start focusing on what you can do to get you 1% more prepared today. 1% starts one day at a time. When will you start? Where might you be tomorrow? And the next?

Start your Fondo journey today and we'll see you on June 11!

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