Recovery Tips to Make You Feel Good

By this time, you should be well into your training plan to ride the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough. If you're anything like us, a long bike ride leaves you happier. Whether that is four hours in the cold north winter winds or a quick spin to a friend's pool in the summertime, a bike ride just makes us happier.

Here are some helpful recovery tips to help those tired muscles heal:

1. Take a sack of frozen peas and hide them from a British person. They smear them on toast like sociopaths. Don’t let them.

2. Ignore virtually every muscle balm or salve you can find. Tiger Balm rules them all. This is real talk. Are you writing this down?

3. Science has not proven this - yet - but beer tastes 92% better after a long ride. This includes non-alcoholic beer too. We can’t explain it, nor are we prepared to. But we will argue about this and Tiger Balm at any time. 3:00 bike racks. Be there!

4. “Bonking,” is the point at which the body's glycogen stores are depleted and the body starts to fatigue and burn fat and you come to a near-total halt. “Conga” is a song by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Learn the difference.

5. This last one is real. Well, more real. Take the time, if only for a second, and feel good about your accomplishment. The most humble of bike rides are okay to feel good about. Be grateful for this life and the chance to see it from a bike seat.

And with that, we bid you a fond farewell until next time!

Safe riding!

If you are starting any training plan, consult a physician. Or, in our case, a whole team of learned scholars to determine if an exercise program is right for you.

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